About Soul Nutritions

Wellness at the
tip of your tongue

The problem
Struggling to stay healthy? It’s them, not you. Those hard-to-swallow pills, complicated routines & overwhelming amount of confusing tips - they’re the problem. When the path of health has so many hurdles, it’s extremely difficult to stay on it. We saw this ground reality & decided to change things for the better.

Our solution
An oral strip that fits on your finger tip. Imagine - you have a small tin in your pocket, you pull it out, take out a strip, place it on your tongue & voila! A patented-tech oral film infused with highly potent nutrients dissolves on your tongue. The required nutrients are delivered directly to your blood-stream via a process called sublingual absorption. The science might sound complicated, but all this happens in under 60 seconds - Isn’t that quick!

We have a strip for every wellness need, in delicious flavours. Now your daunting pursuit of health will become a pleasant walk in the park.

A wholesome promise
With conventional nutrition options, there are often worries associated - Does it contain harmful chemicals? Are there any side effects? Does it go with vegan diet? etc. These are the same questions we ask ourselves when we’re developing products. That is all variants in the Soul Strips & the Soul Licks ranges come with the following certifications

No Preservatives
Halal Approved

Start your journey today
Order a Soul Strips/Soul Licks product & experience the ease for yourself. No more love-hate relationship with wellness. There will only be love - for your body, for the process of staying healthy & the results you get from it. Hope to see you in the Soul Strips family soon!